Thanksgiving, Wine Tasting and New Couch (Finally!)

Hello again! It was Thanksgiving in Canada this past Monday. I think I like Thanksgiving more than I like Christmas, although I’m still on the fence about it. Thanksgiving hasn’t been “commercialized” like Christmas has. It’s simply a feast or a simple meal with family and/or friends around the dinner table, and a chance to refect on what we are truly thankful for. No rushing around spending money we don’t have on expensive gifts, no stress, just good food and good company. Christmas should be like that.

This year, we decided not to have a turkey, but cornish hens instead. Only two of our 6 children could make it to our table this year. Yes, we have 6 children between us – none of which we had together. Three from Mr. LoveThat’s previous marriage and 3 from my previous marriage. One thing I am grateful for is that they are all grown and have flown the nest, so to speak 🙂

Mr. LoveThat’s oldest son and my youngest son had Thanksgiving dinner with us. I made special Thanksgiving placemats and napkins for the occasion. Here’s what the table looked like before

And here’s our feast

I must admit I haven’t eaten that much for a very long time, and I had more wine than I should have. Fortunately, not so much that I made a fool of myself and not enough to generate a headache the next day, so all in all, a good time was had by all.

Speaking of wine, Mr. LoveThat was diagnosed with high blood pressure a few months ago and decided to switch from white wine to red wine together with a change in diet to include more salads and vegetables, fish and the like. So last weekend we went on a wine-tasting mission to find a red wine he might like.

There are few vinyards in our area and we chose the closest one – Lulu Island. It looked very inviting from the outside with a beautiful rose arbor as you drive in.

I would imagine that this arbor would look spectacular in the summer, laden with roses.

The inside of the building was just the kind of place I could spend some time in. Lots of wood and beautifully decorated. An old wine barrel

Rows of wine in the main area

And displayed on the counter

and another room where I guess they have shows and wine tasting – looks like a wonderful place to spend an evening in

A beautiful mural on one wall.

Mr. LoveThat tried 3 different kinds of red wine

And settled on a lovely Cabernet Savignon and then just for good measure, bought a white Chardonnay as well, which kind of defeated the object, but it was much appreciated at the Thanksgiving table.

Once I’d restored my kitchen and dining-room back to some semblance of order after the festivities, I was in for another surprise. Mr. LoveThat and I drove to Ikea yesterday and finally bought our new couch. Here it is as I live and breathe

Not such a great photo – I’m still trying to figure out the camera on my phone (excuses, excuses). But there it is – in my living room!

This week is an “office” week. I’m still trying to find an arrangement in my work room that’s going to work for me. So this week I’ll be sorting out my paperwork and organizing my drawers and stuff so that I can find everything easily and have it all within reach. Last week I made some sample gift baggie thingies. The idea is to make little bags with a drawstring to put things like chocolates or tea or coffee – or anything like that – and they can be used for stocking stuffers or as gifts for the host/hostess. Over the last couple of years, I have been making up gift baskets for my family and friends filled with an assortment of things I think they will like, all personalized to their tastes and nothing practical at all. It’s all about indulgence and luxury. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Maybe an assortment of their favourite teas, chocolates and other little luxury items that we wouldn’t usually buy ourselves or indulge in. I got the idea for the little bags because I wanted something to hold an assortment of teas for my daughter. They are totally frivolous and probably couldn’t be used in a practical way, but that’s the whole point!

Here’s the result of my experimentations

It needs a bit of work and pretty ribbon, but that’s the general idea. I will also finish the Christmas stockings next week and hopefully have them all posted on Etsy by Wednesday.

In the meantime, I think I’ll take a break with a cappuccino on my lovely new couch!

Until next week …



Getting Re-organized and Making More Space

Hello again,

I hope you all had a great weekend. I’ve been very busy getting my house in order (again, or still, whichever you like).

True to his word, my son moved into his own place last Tuesday, which meant that I could finally have my work room back again (yay!). You may have figured out by now that I absolutely hate clutter and disorganization. I like to be able to have a place for everything and everything in it’s place. This is seldom achieved in my house, but it was particularly bad when I had to work in the dining room. Not only was I constantly having to unpack and re-pack my sewing machine, paints etc., but I was also constantly stepping over stuff, or stubbing my toe on things because there just wasn’t enough space! My kitchen is so tiny and I had all the appliances crammed into once corner, leaving me very little space to cook. My witch’s broom was working overtime, I tell you!

So I got stuck in with a vengeance last week to finally put everything in order and make more space for once and for all.

Mr. LoveThat adores coffee – especially the speciality coffees, so when I bought him a Keurig Coffee Maker for Christmas 2 years ago, he was delighted. It was only afterwards that we found out that Keurig does not provide the lattes and cappuccino that we are so in love with because Bosch has the patent on that, which means a Tassimo would have been a better choice. So last week, we bought one. Now we have 3 coffee makers and a kettle – and we use them all! So my first task was to put them all in one place and get them out of my kitchen. The buffet in the dining-room was the obvious choice and this is the result. All the cups, mugs, tea, coffee and appliances (including the toaster) are now all in one place, creating more space in my kitchen.

While I was at it, I unpacked the rest of Mr. LoveThat’s books and put them here

Just to give you an idea of how many books he has, these are packed 3-deep and there is another shelf adjacent to this one, also 3-deep. There are more dotted all over the living room and on a long shelf in my bedroom also. 

In the space where the boxes of books used to be, I finally had a place to hang our excess coats and bike leathers, and the tubs for the dog food.

This stuff (minus the dog bins) was originally crammed into the little coat closet in our entrance hall along with our winter coats and jackets.

Now that my ‘office’ was no longer in my dining room, I had a place for my poor old plant which was not thriving in the living room. I re-potted her, so she’s looking a little sad, but I’m sure she’ll get over it. I hope she likes Mint, because I re-potted that to keep her company!

Before tackling the kitchen, and while I had all this new space, I finally got round to painting the wall where the ugly wall paper was, and adding the lettering I’ve been promising to do for weeks. After painting it white

I started painting on the words, with the help of a stencil

And here’s the finished product – not very straight, but then life’s a bit like that, isn’t it?

I love it! I still have to paint the rest of the wall behind the washing machine and above the sink, but at least the wording is done, which was the time-consuming part.

Now I have more space here

and here

which leaves no excuse for Mr. LoveThat to now help me in the kitchen!

Since I was on a roll, I moved on to the living room to make more space in there also. I moved Floyd, the Ball Python, and her now 40 gallon tank, into my work room. She’ll be happier there as there is less movement in that room – no TV or dogs – which means she will come out of her little cave more often (and she does). In that space I put the old treddle sewing machine which used to be here

And fits perfectly here

Which makes room for a doggy bed without my having to either step over it to get to the kitchen, or end up standing on the dog which, as you can imagine, makes the dog quite grumpy.

The clutter of stuff in one corner was very not pleasing to the eye

so I moved the end table and the world globe to the other end of the couch

leaving the corner looking much better, in my opinion (LOL)

And opening up space for another doggy bed that I don’t have to fall over

You’ll notice that we still have the very ugly and uncomfortable futon, but I am told that my new couch will be a reality next Tuesday! Only one week away. I’m so excited. Such is life in the fast lane 🙂

Now that I have all this space, I will be working on Thanksgiving place mats for our Thanksgiving dinner with the family next Monday. We have decided to do something different this year. Instead of a turkey, we’re going to have cornish hens. And lots of wine and song hopefully. I’ll post a photo of the festivities next week.

Until then, laugh, indulge, love.