Swallows and Refreshing the Living Room

Hello again,

Now that the leaves have falled off the trees and it’s looking pretty bleak around here

I am already longing for colour and flowers. I came across this simple flower basket idea 

I have quite a few little baskets similar to this around my house. A coat of white paint and flowers similar to this would definitely brighten up a couple of rooms in my little house. I’m hoping to get to this tomorrow.

I’ve been inspired by the little birds flocking around our bird feeder now that food is scarce. I found a lovely picture of swallows in silhouette form on The Graphics Fairy website and thought they would make lovely place mats and napkins.

At first I was thinking of incorporating some kind of French Country border into it, but, as you can see, it didn’t work out too well

Then I came across this painting

And this was the disastrous result – eeek!

I ended up simplifying the whole thing to something I could paint and came up with this

I always forget that simple is usually the best. We tend to overcomplicate things, and I’m no exception.

Today I’ll paint matching napkins and post them on my Etsy shop. They will make great Christmas presents too.

My next project is to re-cover one of the chairs in my living room. I thought the black material wouldn’t show the dirt and dog/cat hair that seems to float around my house, but I was wrong!

It’s looking a little sad at this stage. So I thought a simple design might work. Something like this

I cut out the material yesterday, so will paint it today.

Until next time, visit our Etsy shop for some great Christmas gift ideas and stocking stuffers.



New Ideas and a British Theme

Hello All,

I hope your week is going well. 

My roses are finally done in the garden and you can tell there’s not much food around as the little birds are flocking to the bird feeder daily. Watching them gives me something to do while I’m washing the dishes – and I wash a lot of dishes. I must admit that I’m getting a little tired of not having a dishwasher. It’s just a never-ending and extremely boring job. As soon as finances permit, that’s going to be my next purchase!

I had a bit of an ‘inspiration’ block this week. Not one idea was coming to mind. But my business partner and I decided we needed to change the name of our business as we couldn’t get LoveThat as a domain name which was posing a bit of the problem. We brainstormed for 2 weeks and came up with a whole bunch of names – some of which were questionable and others just downright hilarious. In the end, we settled on Cottage Heaven and the domain name was available! 

For me, it conjures up images of beautiful cottages like the one in the picture above, and pretty tablescapes like these ones

And cute kitchens like this one 

It was when I started searching around for a new logo, that my creative juices started flowing again and ideas started coming once again. Whew! I found some lovely typography on the Graphics Fairy website (Thank you Graphics Fairy!) and expanded on it with this cushion/throw pillow cover

I think place mats in this theme would be great. Drawing the British Flag is harder than I thought! Not being very, er, geometrically inclined, was quite a task. My math teacher would have been proud! Or surprised, more like it.

I have lots more ideas which I’m dying to get started on.

Cheers for now,


Repurposing (Again) and Getting Geared up for Christmas

Hello all,

Well, after an amazing sunshine-filled October, the rain has set in. My backyard looks like the beginnings of a lake. My neighbour did warn me.

So it’s just as well I have lots to get on with indoors for the next little while. So, armed with hot chocolate, I’ve been busy doing indoorsy things.

Following the acquisition of our lovely new couch, we thought we would make doggy beds out of the old futon mattress. Fortunately, it was fairly easy. Well, it was very easy for me – I just sat on the lovely new couch and watched Mr. LoveThat work. How easy is that? 🙂

No sewing or complicated processes, just a matter of cutting it into sections.

Here’s one of the sections.

And here’s the finished products.

The frame has been stored until the summer when we will turn it into a patio couch.

Last weekend, we visited our usual Italian Coffee Shop only to find it’s closed for renovations! Horrors! What will we do now? So we wandered aimlessly until we came upon another little coffee shop where we decided to stop. What caught my eye was the Belgian Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate. I love Belgian chocolate (well, I love ALL chocolate) and so I had to have some. It was just as I imagined – totally decadant and very rich – lovely. So perhaps we’ll be frequenting two coffee shops on our weekend trips. What was so funny about this visit, was that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month here and all the coffee was served in bright pink cups. Mr. LoveThat embraced the idea of walking throught the mall with his fucia pink cup and I just had to take a photo.

Very pretty, don’t you think? Manly too!

I’ve been following along with Etsy’s Christmas Bootcamp and have been learning all sorts of wonderful things about marketing for the holidays and taking better photos (although, I have yet to master that). So I’ve been very busy making Christmas-y stuff. It’s been a long time since I got so excited about glitter, but I’m just loving painting gold and silver glitter on my fabric. I made some Christmas stockings

And then I’ve been making something that I never would have thought of myself in a million years! Reading and sunglasses cases. 

Mr. LoveThat dropped his readers in his truck for the millionth time and asked me if I could make him a glasses case. I have a lot of little scraps of material and thought these would be perfect for this. So I made him one and painted it lovingly. It turned out great, but he wanted a lining so his glasses wouldn’t get scratched, so I made another one with a satin lining. Satin, I have learned, is VERY difficult to work with. When you cut it, it slips and slides all over the place. Fortunately, I enlisted the help of some lovely sewing ladies on the internet and figured it all out. This is the result.

They will make great stocking stuffers for Christmas. Thank you, Mr. LoveThat, for this great idea. And such fun to make and paint also.

As you know, I am planning on giving my family gift baskets for Christmas filled with all sorts of decadent and frivolous things and I will make sunglasses cases for my kids to add to the baskets. I guess there will be at least once useful thing among their gifts. And the hand painted coffee/tea mugs also. I still have to figure out how to make them washable. I will consult the wonderful internet next week. 

If we had had internet when I was in school, things would have been so much easier! Honestly, you can learn how to do pretty much anything!

Until next time …