Round and Round I Go – It’s Making My Head Spin!!

Hello everyone,

I’ve had little time for anything else, but I did manage to tend to my little rose bush that seems to have doubled in size in a year. I’m afraid I don’t seem to have a photo of it from last year, but I’ll tell you this much, it certainly didn’t need anything to prop it up – this year, I had to tie it to a trellis

roses closeup roses & honeysuckle

along with the Honeysuckle we bought last week. It seems to be thriving with two or three new flowers about to bloom. The rose bush was laden with buds last weekend

rosebuds rosebuds2

Which have now opened

roses in bloom roses in bloom2

In between all this lunatic work and keeping up with the housework and the laundry and cutting the grass and trying to keep the weeds at bay, we took ourselves to a biker party on Saturday to see friends we hadn’t seen for quite a few months. I think I overdid the vodka and coke just a little and ended up doing things like this

Tammy & Jane

 And this

2014 dice run

And this


Yes, it was fun and we needed it and I’m sure there’ll be quite a few more of those visits – except with a lot less alcohol!!

Tomorrow, being Canada Day and, therefore, a holiday – we are going to finish a big chunk of our redecorating plans. We’ve had to make a few changes since we made the decision to move. So we’re no loner going to paint or replace the sad old carpet. But we are going to buy furniture for our dining room and furniture for our kitchen tomorrow. I’m so excited. I will post before and after pictures tomorrow.

But for now – a nice cup of tea.



Mission waterfall


Work, work, work!


Hello Bloggy Friends

I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post. I started my new new job on June 2nd and it’ been hectic ever since.  I have quite a long commute, so by the time I get home, it’s already after 6:00 pm. This has drastically changed our lives. Mr. Thisupcycledlife has had to assume cooking duty, and let me tell you, in the first week it wasn’t a pretty sight! After a week of overcooked fish and dry rice dishes, we went to Costco and bought a week’s worth of their home-made meals – shrimp pasta,  smoked pulled pork, roast beef that you can cut with a butter knife – things were better the 2nd week. By the third week, we were eating really good home-cooked meals complete with salads! 

On the home front, things are moving very slowly. Mr. Upcycledlfe hurt his back about a month ago and it’s healing slowly, but yard work has been kept to a minimum. We’ve been mowing the front and the part of the back that we use and just tidying up the rest. It’s not too bad and quite pretty with the buttercups forming a sea of yellow.


back yard2 2014

At the Farmer’s Market this past weekend, we bought a honeysuckle vine


which I will be planting today, and a lovely hanging basket. I was going to get an outdoor rug for the new patio set up, but my budget didn’t allow.

hanging basket

We had a few decisions to make this past week. My job is just under an hour’s drive in a little town called Mission. Our short-term goals are to update our vehicles and for Mr. Upcycledlife to come off the road and get a day job, so to speak. There is plenty of work in and around Mission and even a few positions where I work. So we decided that we would move in the Fall. Mission is a pretty little town with friendly people

Mission Heritage Park mission pathway Mission railway bridge mission shopping centre Mission waterfall mission-wharf

I can see this as being a place we could spend a long time in.

Summer has officially arrived and it’s a beautiful day – so into my garden I go.

Until next time


Margueritas, New Patio Set and … Back to Work!!

two-toned buttercups2

Hello Ladies (and gentlemen?),

The weather finally warmed up here on a weekend! For the last month or so, we’ve had beautiful sunshine and warm weather during the week and then rain and cold on the weekend. Our lawn was almost a foot high in some places. Poor Mr. Thisupcycledlife spent most of Saturday cutting the grass and he still didn’t get to the front yard. Fortunately, it isn’t as bad as the backyard, so it can wait until this weekend.

We’ve been shopping once again. This time, a new patio set to replace our old one which was rusting and the chairs looking very sad. We weren’t sure they would even hold up if we sat in them. Not wanting to take any chances, we nipped down to Ikea and bought this little wooden affair

new patio set

It fits perfectly into a sunny spot just outside our back door and very close to the barbecue. As you can see, I made strawberry margueritas and took it for a test ride. Once I put cushions on the chairs, it will be very comfortable indeed, but after a couple of the margueritas, I didn’t notice my chair didn’t have a soft place to park my behind 🙂


It was my first attempt at making margueritas,and they turned out very delicious! Pretty impressive if I may say so myself!

Today I started my new job. I haven’t worked in over a year, so it felt very strange at first, but after an hour or so, it felt really good to be back at work. The people are great and my work station is very comfortable, so I think I’m going to like working there. The bonus is that I get home too late to cook supper before Mr. Thisupcycledlife has to go to work, so I get out of cooking during the week. Mr. Thisupcycledlife also went back to work for the first time in three weeks, so it was back to a routine for both of us. It feels a little strange not having a glass of wine with him in the evenings and the house is very quiet.

But, I have plenty to keep me busy these evenings. As you know, I quit smoking 6 weeks ago and have put on a little weight (5 lbs) which seems to have accumulated in my tummy and thighs. So I started an exercise program a couple of weeks ago in order to firm everything up a little. It’s a combination of pilates, cardio and ballet which I’m really enjoying. Note that I don’t like exercise very much, so it must be a LOT of fun if I am saying I’m enjoying it.

I hope you all have a great week.

Cheers for now