Pleasure…Yes, Please!

garden table

Hello pleasure-seekers,

I have almost always felt a little guilty about seeking pleasure when there are so many things to get done first – household chores, making sure the family is fed and watered – the list goes on and on. But the other day I was reminded that pleasure is a necessary part of living when I heard this …

“Pleasure is not a luxury. It should be prescribed, put in calendars and marked priority. It should be served with grapes, mixed with music and taken with friends. Because pleasure is the one thing we could all use a little more of.”

And why not? It makes us feel wonderful, and when we feel wonderful, we make others feel wonderful. I find that after indulging in a little pleasure, I feel energized and motivated to go about my daily chores.

So, on Friday, I decided to allow myself to indulge in complete frivolous pleasure at least once a week. Something just for me. I decided that I am going to savour every minute, enjoy every minute, and not feel the least bit guilty about this lovely indulgence.

tiki suntanning

Almost as if the Universe had heard me, my friend messaged me on facebook and invited me to her house for turkey dinner. Yes, you heard that correctly – turkey dinner in July! What a wonderful idea!

My old self would have started feeling guilty straight away. Guilty about leaving my dogs couped up in the house for 5 or 6 hours while I indulge myself. Guilty that I should be getting on with the laundry or the yardwork. But this time, when I felt those feelings coming up, I took a couple of deep breaths and remember that pleasure is NOT a luxury and it should be taken with friends. And so I went about my household chores yesterday morning, feeling really good about things. And because I felt so good about it, I enjoyed my chores more and took the time to stand back and admire my handywork with … pleasure.

Then I took my dogs out into the back yard and picked blueberries to take as a gift. While I was out there, I threw a couple of balls for them because that’s what gives them pleasure and we could all do with a little more of that. Also, to give them some exercise because I wouldn’t be walking them that day. My blue nose pit bull was so happy to be playing with a ball outside, she had a huge smile on her face. This made me smile. And then I realized that indulging in pleasure has a ripple effect. In deciding to afford myself a little pleasure every now and then, has resulted in my giving pleasure also!

And so, with a clean house, my flowers watered, my dogs happy, I left the house feeling pretty okay about it all. I spent an incredible afternoon with my friend and her amazing children – now young adults. I allowed myself to indulge in relaxing on her patio-garden, enjoying the beautiful flowers and vegetables, enjoying the sunshine, the cool breeze and the pleasure of their company.

Jennifer's garden Jennifer's garden2 Jennifer's garden3 Jennifer's garden4 Jennifer's garden5 Jennifer's garden6

Today, I find myself more relaxed, more tolerant, less irritable and ready to do something pleasurable again today 🙂

So from now on, don’t feel guilty about indulging in some pleasure just for you – it’s good for you and good for everyone around you!

See ya later!




Roses, Roses and Beach and Pool Time

advice from the ocean

Hello Lifelogy-ers,

Well, it went from 15 deg. C to 28 deg. C almost overnight last week! One minute we were feeling comfortable and the next we were melting in the heat! So my lovely beach buddy called and suggested we go to … yes, you guessed it … the beach. It’s my most favourite place in the whole world and so on Saturday I packed all my beach stuff and off I went. Except a towel. I didn’t pack a towel! Thank goodness my beach buddy lent me one.

We went to a beach in Stanley Park called Second Beach where there is a pool also. At 11:00 am, the line up for the pool was very long and we weren’t prepared to stand in the scorching heat for 45 minutes – especially as we had my friend’s two granddaughters with us, so we decided to start off at the beach and move to the pool later on.

2nd beach

It was just beautiful with a cool sea breeze blowing and not too many people. The girls puttered around in the little rock pools looking for crabs and clams and making new friends, while my friend and I settled down and drank in the view. You can see the famous Sea Wall in the photo above.

beach & boats beach3

I immediately felt everything relax. And so we talked and walked and ate and drank until we saw the line up at the pool going down and so we moved to the pool and cooled ourselves in the water.

2014-07-12 13.36.15

And just sat and relaxed some more

Jane swim suit

It was such a wonderful day that we didn’t want to go home and, in fact, we extended our stay by 2 hours so we could enjoy some more. But sadly, it came to an end.

One of the best hair do’s I’ve had in a long time was when I came out of the pool with my wet hair slicked back. I jammed a hat on it, packed up and drove home. By the time I got there, my hair was dry and it just fell into perfect place. I have spent countless hours with a whole bunch of hair products, a hair dryer, a curling iron and a flat iron and it never looked as good as it did on Saturday. I honestly think we try to complicate things in our lives, over and over again. Instead of looking for the simple way the first time.

My garden has come alive with roses and daisies, geraniums and honeysuckle, climatis and a whole array of other things I have no name for.  But the most prolific are the roses and so I picked some

basket of roses

And brought them inside to enjoy – in the dining area


roses & daisies

And the living room


The scent of them is so pretty.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as I am. Next time we’ll go for a walk …

Cheers for now


tiki suntanning

Yes, That’s My Final Garbage Bag! Plus Kitchen and Dining Area Upgrade

Whiterock sunset

Well, I think I’ve done it! I think my house is completely de-cluttered. There doesn’t seem to be anything now that we don’t use or absolutely love. It’s such a great feeling. I de-cluttered the kitchen cupboards and put these into the “donate” pile

kitchen declutter

And then found some more and a basket I hate (because it’s so flimsy)

crockery declutter

Clothes and shoes that either don’t work anymore or were part of a “it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time” plan, but when I got them home, turned into “what was I thinking?”

black bags

And finally, piles of very old papers for shredding. After all, it’s a paperless world now, right? 🙂

shredding shredding2

All the clothes, shoes and household stuff has been loaded into the trunk of my car to drop off at the thrift store tomorrow.

So we went to Ikea on Tuesday, like I said we would. And bought the stuff we were going to buy – except for one thing. We were going to buy a little office nook thingy which would have fitted in a corner and would have solved the problem of where to keep our lap tops and tablets, pens, notebooks and other office-y stuff, but we acquired a bar fridge from our lovely next door neighbours and now the office nook thingy won’t fit in the space we had planned for it. So we decided to hold off until we move and then re-think where it will go.

For a year now, the kitchen cart we had next to the stove has been a necessary piece of furniture because there’s no kitchen unit there, but also an annoyance because it’s a little too long for that space and we’ve had to squeeze between it and the washing machine to get through the door at the far end of the room. I’ve walked into either the cart or the washing machine more than once over the months. This house wasn’t designed for washers and dryers – they hadn’t thought of them in 1945.

kitchen before3 kitchen before2 kitchen before

So we bought a new, smaller kitchen cart.

kitchen after

kitchen cart2

And you can see there’s a lot more space.

Mr. Lifeology also attached hooks to the kitchen cart for the kitchen utensils. As you can see, this arrangement wasn’t working very well

kitchen utensils before kitchen utensils before2

So now we have this, which is much better!

kitchen utensils after kitchen utensils after2

Next – the dining area. I loved the open shelving unit we had in there

dining room before dining room before2

but everything got so dusty very quickly and I had to wash something before I used it and then wash the whole thing on weekends when I should have been sipping margueritas outside on my deck!. So we moved the big kitchen cart that was next to the stove, into the dining area to hold the coffee maker and kettle, and house the mugs, coffee, tea and table linen, and we bought a cabinet for the rest of the stuff. What we didn’t need we de-cluttered (as above) or moved to another cupboard.

And this is the result

dining room after

All the clutter on the shelves above the cabinet is gone!

dining room shelves

In fact, we now have lots of space and plenty of storage room. I love it !

I did have one dilemma I hadn’t thought of. I now had nowhere to put my drinks. But I solved that problem by making a space on the chest in the living room

drinks tray drinks tray2

I will be adding more Tequila in the very near future!

Now that the de-cluttering is over, I can now concentrate on redecorating. Watch this space!

Have a lovely weekend.