Take a Walk With Me

Tea Pot2

Man oh man, Lifeology Ladies, come walk with me – you won’t regret it!

I had some not-very-nice things happen to me last week which put a slight dent in my faith in the human race. After moping around for 4 days shaking my head in disbelief like a mad woman, I picked myself up and I spent Saturday doing some much-needed cleaning, laundry, yard work.


Ok, I may have gone a bit overboard with the laundry, but everything that came out of my linen closet lately had a strange odour to it. I could figure it out. I searched the entire closet, but couldn’t find the source of the, er, smell. Then Mr. Thisupcycledlife solved the mystery – it was the cedar shelves that hadn’t been cleaned in, I-don’t-know-how-long. So we soaked the wooden shelves in the bathtub in Dettol. The water turned black! Then we dried them outside in the sun. I cleaned the inside of the closet from top to bottom, put back all the shelves and … the smell remained!! Except not so strong. So I laundered EVERYTHING, as you can see, because it all had that horrible musty smell – and put it all on a shelving unit in the spare room. And I’m telling you this because I don’t know why.

I did feel a bit better after cleaning, so yesterday I decided to do things that I love, to make myself feel even better. I spent a couple of lazy hours reading my book in this


And then in the evening, we loaded up the dogs and took ourselves off to Steveston for a beautiful seaside walk along the Steveston Dyke.

We started off with a swim for MJ – she loves the water so much!

Beach - MJ3-Aug 2014 Beach - MJ2-Aug 2014

And then followed the trail towards the Dyke

Steveston Dyke4

Our first stop – Scotch Pond – so pretty with the fishing boats nestled in between the flowers. I’ve been to Garry Point in Steveston so many times and have never come across this little hidden gem.

Stevenston, Scotch Cover Scotch Cove, Steveston Steveston, Scotch Cove4 Steveston, Scotch Cove6 Steveston, Scotch Cove8

Steveston, Scotch Cove7

This building used to house the Scottish-Canadian Cannery workers in the late 1800’s. It’s now managed and maintained as a traditional fishing boat moorage. It looked so peaceful, I could almost imagine myself living on a barge here. Aah, the life of a daydreamer!

In honour of the Japanese carpenters who built boats here in about 1925, this little Japanese Garden was created.

Japanese Garden at Steveston5 Stevenston Japanese Garden3 Steveston Japanese Garden Steveston Japanese Garden2 Steveston Japanese Garden4

I spent a few minutes comtemplating my life in this peaceful place and felt my troubles starting to melt away.

And then on to the Dyke with man-made on one side
Steveston Dyke6 Steveston Dyke7 Steveston Dyke2 Steveston Dyke3 Steveston Dyke Ducks

And nature made on the other

Steveston Dyke5 Steveston Dyke9 Steveston, Dyke

We ended our walk with a little rest under the trees at Garry Point. Oh so very relaxing.

Garry Point-Aug. 2014

Before heading home for supper. The perfect end to a summer weekend. And I felt so much better, thank you.

I made another cushion cover for my Etsy Store. This is really fun to do – and to look at!

potato stamp pillow 10 potato stamp pillow

Visit my Etsy store (CottageHeaven50) and order yours today 🙂

Talk to ya soon


Sunset in mirror

Final Touch to the Living Room and Glorious Summer!!

Well, it’s summer and time for my amazing hairdresser to work her magic with my greying hair. So I decided to do something different this time and I asked her to add some purple streaks. This is the result and I just love it!

Purple hair 2 - Aug 2014

Purple hair purple hair2

It was a long weekend here in British Columbia and we were determined to make the most of it. I have come to view my weekends – long or otherwise – as mini holidays. I used to go into the weekends with the attitude that I would spend an entire day cleaning, running errands, grocery shopping … and then spend the other day relaxing and doing whatever people do on weekends. But it never worked out that way. I was always too exhausted from cleaning, running errands, grocery shopping … to enjoy my day off! And anyway, one day is not enough to recharge my batteries. So instead of doing everything on the weekend, I spread it out over the week leaving me with more time on the weekends to enjoy.

A quick trip back to Ikea to pick up a theatre-style lamp as a finishing touch to our living room. Mr. Lifeology has been hankering after this lamp for, oh, about a year.

Lamp Lamp2

Then to the beach with our dogs. Garry Point in Steveston is great for this. MJ just loves the water and will fetch a stick thrown for her, over and over and over and over … you get the picture

Beach - MJ at Garry Point - Aug. 2014 Beach - MJ2-Aug 2014 Beach - MJ3-Aug 2014

After that, we watched a man fly two kites so skillfully as to make them look like birds

Beach - KIte at Garry Point Beach - Kite2 at Garry Point Beach - Kite3 at Garry Point

Beautiful, huh?

And then we just sat for a while and enjoyed the day

Beach - Jane at Garry point2 - aug 2013 Garry Point - Aug 2014 Garry point Aug 2014

I think sometimes we get so caught up in our busy lives, always running around doing … stuff, that we forget just to sit and take in the beauty that this life has to offer us. Just to sit and do nothing – just for a while.

Back home again, we got ourselves a drink and sat in our hammocks under the trees

Jane3-July 2014

And put out feet up and relaxed some more


I hope you all find time to spend relaxing or enjoying doing something just for yourselves.

See ya later!