Decluttering (again?!) and Re-painting Tatty Furniture

Hello again,

Well, I guess I’ve had way too much time on my hands – and just as well. I don’t know about you, but I get so busy with the busy-ness (is that a word?) of day to day life, that I don’t really notice how tatty and worn things are becoming and how the clutter and junk piles up so quickly. I thought I had just decluttered our spare room, but when I started side-stepping over stuff, I realized just how much stuff we accumulate over the months. I really have to be more careful about bringing more stuff into the house before getting rid of the old stuff.

junk room

Lovely isn’t it? Not! I took 5 garbage bags out of here and one of the end tables. Now at least I can walk across the floor without falling over something!

So while I was in the mood, I took stock of the other rooms in my house that had been neglected over the months – especially the dining area. This corner in particular.


Honestly! What was I thinking putting that basket thingy there? It looks so ugly in that corner. So I shopped around my house and found these for this corner and put the basket thingy by the opposite window out of the way but still functional.

Kitchen corner

 Of course to do that, I had to move this table which was doing nothing but gathering dust and getting in the way. You may recall that this was my old coffee table in the living room

george coffee table

Not even George liked it all that much!

So, having no use for this table anymore, but not wanting to simply throw it out, I decided to turn it into a chalk board.

New Chalk Board

I could fit quite a long ‘honey do’ list on this 🙂

For some time, Mr. Lifeology and I have been saying that we are not so keen on the green and white dining room furniture any more. We painted these chairs about 6 years ago now and are in need of a change. Also, the chairs are looking very tatty and sad

Old green chair Old green chair2 Old white chair Old white chair2

I have some leftover paint from other projects, so I painted three of the chairs this soft gray

New white chair New white chair2

And three of them this aqua colour

new blue chair

I tried to paint a bus blind onto the panels of my kitchen cart, but it looked horrible, so I painted it over with the soft gray and added chalk board paint to the drawers. Over the next few weeks, I’ll find a lovely picture to paint on these panels.


Next – new cushion covers for the dining chairs and curtains for the living room.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Talk to you soon.


rhythm of life


End of Summer, End of Holidays-New Beginnings!

Hello everyone! Well, it’s been an amazing summer and a most interesting year for me so far. It’s hard to believe that I have completed 6 months of school. We had our graduation ceremony last night. Although I actually finished the course in June, they held the ceremony last night.

Graduation day 2014

Graduation Day 2014

Pretty cool, huh?

I confess that I’ve been “job-hopping” these past few months in pursuit of the perfect job for me. I’ve never done that before, but I’ll say one thing that I’ve learned/decided in the last year, is that I’m not going to settle anymore. Not for any old job or any old house or any old car, furniture etc. Life’s too short for that and when it all falls apart, picking up the pieces is just not worth it. So when I wasn’t happy in my first job after college in June, I didn’t waste any time in leaving to find the right job for me. In August, I tried my hand at handling the transportation needs of a company involved in the fashion industry, but it turned out that the person who was supposed to hand over the transportation side of it to me, didn’t want to give it up. I wasn’t going to hang around and get deeper involved in office politics, so I interviewed for a job with a company I’d always admired. I start on Monday! That was 2 weeks ago and so I’ve had some time off also which is pretty cool.

So, not wanting to waste a minute of this lovely extended summer, we went to a place we’ve never been before – Westminster Quay.

Westminster Quay2

Westminster Quay

We watched a tug boat pulling this barge for a bit

Westminster Quay7

And stared out across the bay

Westminster Quay6

And strolled down the boardwalk

Westminster Quay5

Westminster Quay Boardwalk

Past the Paddlesteamer

Westminster Quay - Paddle Steamer
And then to the market for some fresh vegetables and lunch

Westminster Quay3

All in all, a pretty relaxing place to be.

Next post – re-painting tatty furniture (again).



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