Summer Fun

Hello everyone,

Isn’t this a beautiful painting? These trees grow in my birth country of Zimbabwe, and the streets are lined with them. This painting is by African artist, Brian Mandizira.

It’s really heated up in beautiful Vancouver over the last week. We’ve had warm weather since April, but this week the temperature has climbed well above the 30 degree mark. But first – we have a new kitten – Felix.

He’s a little live-wire and into everything. Dogs’ dishes …

Patio umbrella …

Flower planters …

And my roses.

I managed to rescue my African Violet before he completely destroyed it

but not before he ate all the flowers off it first 😦

It’s been a busy weekend around this household. Mr. Lifologie’s oldest son took us out for dinner on Friday night at a little Greek restaurant down the road.

Yesterday afterrnoon, we did a little back yard decorating. Some pretty cushions that I painted last year, to brighten things up

Hanging baskets

Chinese lanterns

Parsley and Basil in front of a lead-glass window a friend of mine rescued for me.
More parsley sitting on what used to be a dish rack. Makes a perfect potted plant holder, don’t you think?

And then it got too hot, so we sat in the cool shade and enjoyed the day.

The evening saw me at a Red Hat Society outing. It was supposed to be a Night Market at the Plaza of Nations in downtown Vancouver, and we were all excited to check out the artisans & vendors for shopping, but there weren’t any! Apparently the city decided not to allow them to come.  All we saw was a whole bunch of food trucks.

So we had supper at the (air-conditioned) Casino nearby and then wandered around looking at all the food trucks and ate ice -cream.

Hung out with Terry Fox

Listened to the cheering crowds at the FIFA Women’s World Cup game that was in progress. England vs Canada. England won so Canada’s out.

And then decided what we should do next. We could either take a water taxi to Granville Island

Or walk around the bay to Gerry’s holiday condo in the Olympic Village and drink wine. The wine won, hands down, of course. So we walked the 10 minutes or so to Gerry’s condo…

And drank copius amounts of wine while watching the sun go down. We also crashed a party on the roof top of the building … the young group loved our hats and didn’t want us to leave!
At around midnight, we caught the skytrain back to our various homes.

Today I had lunch at Sushi Mura with my lovely daughter-in-law who is going to have my grandson in October!! 🙂 They live in Edmonton and she’s here visiting her family and friends. Sushi Mura is a wonderful little gem at the corner of 49th and Oak.
 I liked sushi well enough before, but after eating at Sushi Mura back in March when my son was visiting, I adore it. It’s always packed. The restaurant opens and 11:30 and it was already full when we got there at Noon. We waited 30 minutes to get a table and it was worth the wait.

All in all, it’s been an amazing weekend. We are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful city.
Until next time …