January 2016 – A New Year’s Eve Party to Remember, A New Canadian and a New Year

Hello all – isn’t this picture beautiful? That’s sunset on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe – the country of my birth.

We started off the New Year with a New Year’s Eve party 
We had an amazing time and definitely started off 2016 on a good note.
Over the weekend the weather turned foggy and then on Monday it snowed but by the time I thought of taking a photo of it, it had disappeared! We don’t get much snow in Vancouver.
January 7th was a very special day for me – I became a Canadian Citizen!
It was a lovely ceremony and I became quite teary and emotional. Later on, Mr. Lifeology took me to a pub where we celebrated with a couple of glasses of wine and a pub lunch.
Then on Saturday – a girl’s night out and what fun we had. It’s been ages since I went to a night club and lots of dancing and laughing were had by all.

We have a few plans for this year. Not resolutions as such because we’ve been planning since last summer. I started a dance class in November last year and am loving it whilst getting fit at the same time. Last week I started a new meal plan and lost 2 lbs.
In the Spring we’re going to start a container garden and grow our own vegetables and herbs, so watch this space for that.  Our patio currently looks like this

And we’re hoping to fill it with beans, tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, lettuce, squash, onions, garlic and potatoes with various herbs and flowers thrown in. Hopefully, by July, this space will look lush and inviting. We have a garden bed in the front that we plan to utilize also.
We’re also planning to make our own wine. I did this some years ago with great success and we’ll start this in about mid-February.
I have one project that I must get done in the next 2 weeks or so. We found this chair sitting by a dumpster outside a thrift store and I knew it would be perfect for our living room. 

I’ve been looking for a couple of chairs small enough to fit in that space. So we brought it home. That was a few months ago, so I resolve to paint and re-upholster it in the next 3 weeks. Now, I just have to find one more …
So a good start to the year. Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend and that you have a great week.

December 2015 – Christmas, Family & Dancing

Hello everyone!

December was full of fun and surprises.

The first weekend was my Red Hat Society Christmas Brunch and the theme was Ugly Sweaters.

Here’s mine

We spend a wonderful morning/afternoon drinking Mimosa’s, eating and laughing.

And then on Christmas Eve we had an ugly sweater competition at work – I wore the same one

My daughter-in-law and 3-month old grandson visited from Edmonton – 3 weeks!!

We babysat every Saturday night and Sunday. He’s a cutest little thing, but I forgot how tiring it was to have small babies and I spent a couple of days catching up on my sleep!

And then my daughter and her boyfriend flew in from Edmonton on Christmas Eve and had drinks with us on Boxing Day. We spent a wonderful afternoon catching up.
We decided not to have a Christmas tree this year. I think it was mainly because, by the time we thought about it, it was too late! But money has been a bit tight for us this season also.  We decorated the mantle over the fireplace with some greenery I bought at the Dollar Store and some Christmas balls and lights we bought on sale last January.
And then, while I was shopping for some last-minute Christmas gifts, I saw this little guy and I couldn’t resist bringing him home

Chrismas Day was very quiet – just 4 of us and the baby, who wasn’t very happy about the whole thing – poor little guy. Again, I decorated the centrepiece with items I found at the Dollar Store

And we had a feast and fun

All in all it was a wonderful month and a great way to end off the year.