Getting Things Done

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry this post is so late – my five-year old computer (practically obsolete in the computer world!) just, well, died a slow death a couple of weeks ago. Horrors! Thankfully, I had backed up my photos and important stuff, but it was really bad timing money-wise. As luck would have it, the local electronics store down the road from me had a sale over the weekend and I was able to pick up a lovely little computer for  song. Even so, it’s left me a little short which means I’ll have to do some pretty fancy footwork budget-wise, over the next couple of months in order to make ends meet. Hopefully between now and then, ‘they’ don’t move the ends!

So, with all this free time on my hands, not being able to go anywhere that requires money, I started on getting a few things done that I’ve been putting off for a few months including deep cleaning and organizing this old house.

I have 3 sets of pillowcases that were made for king-size pillows, which I don’t have

So I cut them all down to size and sewed them back up again

Now I have 3 “new” sets of pillowcases :). Much better!

I must confess that some of the rooms in my house seemed a little daunting, so I started with the easy stuff in the hope that it would inspire me to tackle the larger mess (and it did). It seems that the dining room table had become a dumping ground for all sorts of things like mail, scraps of material, newspapers and the like, so I cleared it all away, gave the table and good cleaning and ‘tablescaped’ it with a few simple things.

Now we can eat at it again. It needs a table cloth and a runner which will be my next project.

After cleaning the rugs in my living room and thus getting rid of the musty-ness that comes with having windows closed all winter, I moved onto the powder room.

This room doubles as a laundry room and the shelf above the washer and dryer was crammed with all kinds of all things laundry and some things that are not. I took the two baskets that were gathering dust underneath my coffee table, and, voila! a beautiful power room/laundry room

I was so enthusiastic, I forgot to take a ‘before’ photo, but I’m sure you can imagine what it used to look like.

Next, the kitchen.  Mr. Lifeology and I have been building up a collection of spices without putting much thought as to how and where we’re going to store them all so that they are tidy and accessible. After I opened the cupboard and had a few of them fall out on top of me, I knew I had to do something – quick!

So I found my old spice rack,  filled spice jars, labelled everything and …

The one on the bottom left is a mystery spice we bought at Bulk Barn and forgot to label straight away. Something Cajun, I think. Now there’s room in this cupboard for the stuff it was intended for

Cool huh!
By this time, I had deep cleaned the living room, power room, upstairs bathroom and the kitchen plus done a few loads of laundry, so I was ready for the couch and a movie, but I had to do one more drawer before I could sit down…
To this …

The next day, I tacked my workroom/meditation room. It was fast starting to become a junk room!
So I hung up the clock I made a few years ago from a wooden Ikea fruit bowl I found at a thrift store for $4.,00.

The hands broke in the move, but that’s easily fixed.
And a cowboy hat I was given at a summer party last year

The masks from our Masquerade Ball last month (was it only last month? Seems like longer!) and some Mardi Gras beads

The chair went in the corner with my favourite throw pillow that I painted last year

And finally, I reorganized the shelving so that I could find everything.
Now it’s a wonderful room to relax in surrounded by some of my favourite things.

I was in WalMart a couple of weeks ago, I saw a curtain panel that would be perfect for reupholstering the old chair that we found. To refresh your memory, here’s a photo of it looking sad.

Mr. Lifeology and I finally got round to it this weekend, Mr. Lifelology took it apart for me

We were going to paint it, but decided not to as we decided we loved it the way it was. I made a kind of cushion for the back with batting

And Mr. Lifeology tacked it to the chair-back

While he was doing that, I tacked the material to the seat

And here’s the finished product!
Raven couldn’t wait to try it out, She thinks we made it just for her!

Until next time – have a wonderful week