Summer Drinks and How Does Our Garden Grow!

Would you believe, I have NEVER had a Tequila Sunrise? Never! You would think I had, since Tequila is my fave drink of all time, but I usually drink it in the form of a Marguerita (mmmm, strawberry Margueritas) or with a lick of salt followed by a lemon wedge. Well, this lovely Friday evening, I rectified that.

It’s so refreshing, one almost forgets one’s drinking alcohol – which isn’t always a good thing.

This week’s been kinda iffy, weatherwise. Spring is always like this in Vancouver. One day it’s rainy and cold and the next day we’re dying of heat! Not too much sunshine this week, but not too much rain either – just sort of cloudy and cool-ish. The good news is I’ve ditched my winter sweaters and jackets for lighter, prettier things.

I’ve been tending our little garden lovingly, going from potted plant to potted plant making sure they’re all happy. And boy have they grown these past 2 weeks.

Look at the strawberries

Lettuce and Cat Grass
The parsley has shot up also – almost time to start trimming the larger leaves to make way for new leaves
And we have Pea shoots!
The front bed is much the same except for the Clematis which is in full bloom now
And the onions
The Rosemary, Lavender and Geraniums are still alive, so that’s a good thing, and this lovely fern seems to be thriving – yes, the leaves are supposed to be that copper colour.
The little edging flowers are in bloom and look very pretty. The whole bed needs some weeding and then mulch this weekend. Still to come is the Chamomile, Tomatoes, Sage and Cucumbers, but we’ll wait until the weather is a little warmer next month.

Talk to ya soon

A Garden Project: Vegetables in Containers, Herbs and More

It’s really warmed up here in Vancouver, BC. There’s something about sunshine and warm weather that really puts everyone in a good mood.

It’s been very busy around this house lately. The garden we were planning last week became a reality. Mr. Lifeology painted the deck and bought a lovely new barbecue (priorities!). It was on sale because it was last year’s stock and then the manager gave us an additional $20 off also! Quite honestly, I couldn’t see the difference between this year’s model and last year’s. And anyway, how much can one update a barbecue?

And then yesterday we went to the nursery

And bought all the supplies for our container garden – except tomatoes which we’ll buy next month when the nights are a bit warmer.

Mr. Lifeology laid down the grass and in a matter of minutes our back yard was transformed from this
To this!

Cool huh?
While Mr. Lifeology was doing that, I started planting the seedlings into hanging baskets and pots. Strawberries
Nasturtium seeds to keep the aphids away from my roses. I used an old colander that I had kicking around.
some Dianthus to keep my roses company
Carrots in old buckets
Parsley and cilantro (coriander)
Parsley and pineapple mint (smells amazing!)

Peas and in another container, beans
And some wire for the the peas and beans.
I finished off with some green peppers and a couple of hours later, the back area was finished. It needs a good clean, but not bad for a few hours’ work.
We moved to the front. You may recall it looked like this last week
Very sad. 
In this bed we planted garlic, green onions, lavender, rosemary, heather, thyme, geraniums and a few little flowers as edging.
I put a Clematis in the corner by the front door 

and the beginnings of a plant stand
which I’m hoping will end up looking something like this

Still to do – add a trellis for the Clematis, clean and paint the potted plant stand and paint our patio furniture – something bright and happy.

After all that hard work, I’m going to put my feet up with a movie and a big bowl of popcorn 🙂

Cheers for now!