Staycation in Beautiful Vancouver

Hello all,

Staycation is a real word, now, right? Well, at the beginning of August, we had one of those and I’ll tell ya, it was really wonderful. There are so many beautiful places right here in Vancouver that I’ve never seen before. Of course, it was wonderful just to not have to get up at 5:30 am every day and rush off to work.

We started off every morning by taking our dogs down to a dog park by the river. Armed with our coffee, we sat on a bench and watched the fishermen, well, fishing.

And spent some time taking in the peaceful scenery
and taking silly selfies
Try to remember, it was quite early in the morning 🙂
Then, we went to a different place every day. First, Lonsdale Quay on the North Shore. 
where we came across a local brewing company 

and just had to try their beer
while sitting on their patio
people watching
and wondering what it would be like to spend some time on this million-plus dollar yacht
and then we wandered around the market

before heading off to the Shipyard building
for some lunch at the Tap and Barrell
The next day was a rainy day and we decided to spend some time at the Vancouver Museum. Well, I’m sad to say it was a complete waste of money. $15.00 each for about an hour’s worth of various collections of stuff and Vancouver through the ages from about the early 1900’s to today. I love history, but this was nothing that I haven’t seen before and I was a little disappointed to say the least.
Wednesday saw us at the fishing village we love so much – Steveston. This time, though, we went with the sole purpose of taking our dogs for a walk along the Dyke. It’s so pretty at this time of the year. The Dyke runs from Steveston all the way to the airport. Of course, we didn’t walk that far!
We came across some cows along the way. Our Pitbull, Tikki, is obsessed with cows and she loved this opportunity to get so close to them.

We spent Thursday at home – relaxing, catching up on movies, a little bit of housework, some gardening. You know … puttering. It was wonderful.
Saturday saw me attending a Red Hat Society Function called Faeries in the Forest. Of course, we had to dress up as faeries.
It was held at our Queen’s house – she has a lovely house on 5 acres in Fort Langley and she decorated the “forest” beautifully

And all the “faeries” were dressed appropriately
After a few glasses of wine (quite a few), we ziplined onto the forest

It was great fun and I enjoyed every minute. Being part of the Red Hat Society is great fun and I’m so happy to belong.
All too soon, it was over and back to work. I have a new co-worker who sits right beside me. She’s very nice and has a great sense of humour, but she’s one of those people who wants everyone to know what she’s doing all the time. Some of the stuff she tells me about her weekend or after hours is, well, too much information. Sometimes, I want to put my finger in my ears and go “lalalalalalaaaa.” I get a blow-by-blow account of everything she does all day long. This becomes very tiring because, quite frankly, I’m not interested in what she does all day – I’m very interested in what I do all day and listening to her becomes very tiring. There are times when I have to actually leave my desk and hang out with my staff for 5 minutes to avoid saying something I would never be able to take back. It’s all part of life 🙂
I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer.
Until next time…