Our Dollar-Store Christmas & a Three-Course Family Dinner

Hello everyone! This is sunrise from my patio one morning last week. We’ve had so much rain and snow over the last few months, that sunrises have been hard to find.

We finally managed to put the Christmas decorations up the weekend before Christmas. Having 2 kittens and a toddler this year made me re-think the way we decorated this year. I left the “good stuff” in their storage tub and visited the dollar store

Everything I bought was plastic and unbreakable. And if it got ruined … well, it didn’t cost me very much.

In between all this, our baby took his first steps

Which was very exciting. 
Work for me ended on the 23rd at around 11:30 am and I managed to do some last-minute shopping without losing my mind. Strangely enough, there were very few people in the stores at that time of the day. I bought more chocolate than I knew what to do with, and some extra gifts.
The next day, we went out for breakfast and hit the grocery store for Christmas dinner food and then a few last-minute things to do before the “big” day.
Candles on the mantle
Lanterns over the dining-room table

And then … it was Christmas day and we were opening presents
Neil couldn’t wait to see what was in his

And even the dogs got a gift
Once that was out of the way, we had a special Christmas brunch

I got the men to give me fake smiles

And Mr. Happy in the corner

At least someone was celebrating in the other corner

All too soon, it was time to starting preparing and cooking our 3-course meal.
Flavoured butter to stuff under the skin of the turkey

Avocado for the starter. Of course, cooking is always made better with a glass of wine.

Dessert. Yes, that’s a very large slab of chocolate. We’ll be making chocolates with it next weekend, so come back and see how we did.


And the turkey
While Tiki relaxed on the couch. Aaaah, it’s a dog’s life!
Three hours later it was all ready and we were digging into our tasty starters
Stuffing our faces with the main course

Good conversation

Plenty of laughter

And decadent dessert
Made for another memorable Christmas.
One more week and then I’ll be getting organized (again) and Spring cleaning. Yes, I know it’s 3 months until Spring, but my full-time job makes things a little slower, so I’ll be doing a room a week until it’s done. Join me in the New Year.

How Time Flies! Update

Hello folks. How time flies! I can’t believe it’s been over 2 months since I last posted here.

My excuse is that life’s been pretty hectic around here. The kids moved in and there was a bit of a transition period with us all getting used to living together. In the middle of it all, I started a new job and then began a period where we all got sick, not once, not twice, but three times! I got 3 different cold viruses in the space of a month!!

But I digress. We were very excited to have our kids and grandson move in

and there was still a bit of time to enjoy playing outside before the cold weather set in
And there was a bit of extra shopping to be done 
Before long, our house started to look like this

And we settled into a new routine of playing on the living room floor, babysitting and family meals at the dining room table
And with Fall came Thanksgiving

followed by a belated birthday party for Neil in true Korean style. DIL (daughter-in-law. LOL) and I made a Cookie Monster cake for him the night before.
And some cupcakes
And once he was in his “birthday suit”, we were ready for the party

Neil was definitely star of the show and loving every minute of it, wearing his traditional Korean outfit.

And enjoying opening his presents, with some help

And then I turned around and it was Halloween already. We dusted off the pumpkin-carving kit for Neil’s benefit

He seemed more interested in whether he could eat the raw pumpkin!

The finished product was awesome!

And then it started raining. And raining. And raining. And raining. In October, in rained for 28 days straight! Uuugh. So the first break in the weather, was a big deal. I had to photograph the sunrise before it disappeared again

And take our dog out for a car ride.
And then it rained some more. On and on and on and on throught November. At the end of November, it was DIL’s birthday and we had a small cake ceremony
After that, we all got sick
And the housework went downhill

And then the person who was a least sick cleaned up

And then it slid back into chaos
And so on for several weeks. Even the cat thought about drinking
In the middle of all this, our rain turned to snow, which was actually a welcome break

This hardly every happens in Vancouver, so it’s a big deal. The entire city shuts down! It’s hilarious. I managed to slide into work every day but the traffic jams were horrific and very frustrating.
A welcome break came in the form of an Ugly Sweater Party at our friends’ house

Where a good time was had by all

Helped along by quite a bit of tequila
All that Christmas cheer and hugging and kissing brought about another cold virus on top of the one I already had. I spent most of last week either in bed, or coughing and sniffing my way through the day at work. Finally, I gave in and visited the doctor yesterday – antibiotics for bronchitis. However, today I feel much better – thank goodness! There is life after the flu.
Next time – my Dollar Store Christmas.
See you soon.