Small Home Improvements & Gelato at the Beach

Fairy Garden

Helloooo! I hope everyone is well. After our brief week of sunshine, it was back to rain again. My plants are not happy at all. Buuut, things are looking up for this week, so hopefully they’ll dry out and perk up. We had planned to buy three little fir trees to put against our back fence, but Alex had some palm trees languishing in the warehouse where he works that the customer didn’t want, so we took three. When he told me that there were quite a few more that hadn’t seen water or sunshine for a few weeks, I felt so sorry for them, we took those as well! About eight in total! LOL. At this point, the patio was starting to look more like a jungle!

Palm Trees

But, we gave them some love and they soon perked up. We kept the original three and gave the rest away to good homes. 🙂

Palm Trees

It really fills up that area and lends a tropical feel to the space. I can pretend I’m languishing on a Caribbean beach sipping something with an umbrella in it!

The fairy garden that I started in the front bed didn’t really look as good as I had imaged it, no matter what I did. It seems that nothing likes to grow in that area, which is why I thought that a fairy village would be perfect for that space, but, alas, it was not to be!

Fairy Garden Phase 1

Even when I bought some little glass stones to look like a river, some fake moss and little white stones to make pathways (or roads), it just didn’t look right and the plants started dying 🙁

Fairy Garden Loot

Sooo, I moved a couple of items to the back garden. There’s a bed there that looks more … woodland fairy-like

And I’ll add to it as time goes on.

As for the fairy village in the front. I’ll be re-working it – just need to get some inspiration!!

It looked like it was going to be a nice day last Tuesday and so we gathered our picnic supplies and headed off to the beach. But it was also the day a local school picked for their yearly outing because the beach was crawling with children – everywhere! It wouldn’t have been so bad if they all didn’t insist on screaming continuously over absolutely nothing at all.  So we let Neil paddle about for a bit because he seemed to be enjoying himself, but after about an hour, I couldn’t stand the screaming any longer and we decided to go for ice cream instead.

Neil & Tori

Tori & Neil

The weather warmed up just enough on Saturday for us to go on a bike ride with good friends, and then a barbecue and a few drinks afterwards.

Well … maybe more than a few drinks. 🙂

But First, Tequila


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