A Cold Spell and Toddler Fun

Neil- beach

This house has been sick these past couple of weeks. Tori has been a very good nurse to my while I coughed and hacked my way through it. Today, he woke up with it, so it looks like it’s my turn to play nursemaid!

Of course, mine started the weekend we had Neil. I almost cancelled it, but I wasn’t contagious and we’d looked forward to having him for so long, I decided against it in the end. And I’m glad I did! He was fascinated with the ferry – something new for him. He loved watching the water go by. Once on the Sunshine Coast, we went to the local diner for breakfast and Neil had pancakes

Neil - pancakes

After some grocery shopping, we took the dogs (and Neil) to the beach – he loved the surf – called it “bubbles!”

Neil- beach

and then some play time, while I did some household chores.

Neil - trains

After supper, we snuggled together on the couch and watched Sesame Street on TV and shared a bowl of his favourite snack – popcorn.

Neil - popcorn

It had been a very busy day for him and I guess it all proved a little too much – he fell asleep on the couch at around 7:30. All I could think at the time was that I was going to have to wake up at some ungodly hour, like 3 or 4 am, but he woke up again at around 9pm and we played some more before going back to sleep.

NEil - Sleep

The next morning, I had to wake him up, which gave me some time to drink my coffee and check my emails :). All too soon it was over. His parents came over on the ferry to visit and then took him home with them.

The broccoli seeds that we planted on the 12th, started coming up the very next Friday – yes, the 17th! I couldn’t believe it – the instructions on the seed packet said that germination was between 7 – 14 days, not 4 days.

Broccoli Sprouts

A few days after that, the basil that I planted also started to come up

The broccoli was getting so tall, it was starting to fall over, despite my running my fingers over them to strenghten the stalks. So today I transplanted them into a deeper tub, and planted some more seeds. I’m going to do this every two weeks so we get broccoli well into September.

Broccoli replant

Tori fixed our headless fisherman – so he’s looking pretty cool. To see what he looked like before, click here. I’m gathering some water feature ideas, so hopefully I can start working on it soon.

While we were basking in Spring-like weather last week and starting to feel pretty smug about how warm it was in February, Mother Nature decided to remind us that it’s still winter by giving us a bit of snow

I’m told my bulbs will be fine and will continue growing and flowering when the weather warms up, but for now, they look like this

Today I comforted my myself my buying some Spring bulbs.

spring bulbs

Hopefully, we’ll both we well enough for a trip into Vancouver next week – I have some shopping to do!



But First, Tequila



Stirrings of Spring, Starting Seeds & a New Shed


We’ve had so much rain in such a short space of time, that everything was starting to look a little waterlogged, especially the four palm trees. Last weekend, I had to cut most of them right back and re-pot them as they were getting root bound. I left two of them under the eaves on our patio and put the other two underneath our porch to dry out – along with the Lavender, Sage and Rosemary.


Lavender, Sage, Rosemary, Palms

This weekend, the sun came out, so I moved them into the sunshine to dry out, and gave the lavender a haircut

Lavender pruning

I kept some of the trimmings to use as cuttings for more lavender plants. Hopefully, in about 6 weeks, these should have taken root and will be ready for transplanting into the garden.

Our bulbs and garlic are starting to come up and there are buds on the trees. The evenings are starting to get noticeably lighter, so while it’s still pretty cold, February is shaping up to be quite cheerful.

Soon we’re planning on starting our vegetable seeds indoors and I’ve been gathering egg boxes for this purpose. However, yesterday I read that Basil harvests in 80 days! Yikes, that’s a long time! So I’ve decided to start these seeds this weekend so we can harvest in May or June instead of August. Tori filled two egg boxes with potting soil and brought them inside to warm up a bit. We’ll plant the Basil seeds tomorrow. The rest of the seeds can wait until mid-March or so.

While puttering around what is to be our new vegetable garden and planning where things will go, we came across this poor guy at the very back of one of the sheds (the one that will torn down soon)

As you can see, he’s lost his head and is looking a bit creepy. But Tori is going to glue his head back on and I plan to use him as part of a small water feature I’m going to make for our herb garden.

Yesterday, we came home from grocery shopping to find our Landlord and his dad putting up a shed in our back yard :). When it’s done, we plan to put our little deep freeze in there along with a few garden tools and such.

Next weekend, we have Neil for weekend. I’m so excited – there’s so much here for a toddler to do. I also booked my air ticket to visit Clare in Edmonton over Easter – so excited for that too.


But First, Tequila



January – the Nothing Month

January is a funny month – it’s too cold and rainy to do much outdoorsy stuff and so nothing much happens. I usually use this time to declutter and get organized, but I’ve been doing that every month since we moved here in September, so there’s nothing much left to do at the moment. We have, however, started to plan our vegetable garden. At the moment, the space where we plan to grow them looks like this

But soon the building materials and shed on the right in the first picture, will be gone and things should have dried out enough to prepare our beds. We plan to start some of the seeds indoors next month and I decided to buy a few things every pay day so I don’t end up spending a huge amount in one go in a month or two



At the end of the month, we were in Vancouver for a WCB assessment for Tori – he won’t be able to drive long haul anymore, so they want to retrain him as a heavy equipment operator. Friday the 26th saw in at a training school going through the motions to see if that job would suit him. While he was doing that, I sneaked in some toddler time. We didn’t have much time, so I took him to the duck park and then for an ice cream. Unfortunately, my phone died and I had left the charger at home, so didn’t get many pictures of him.

We had a lovely Friday evening dinner with the usual suspects

Of course, no get-together is complete without Tequila

And then all too soon it was over and we were on the ferry the next day and back home.

The end of the month saw a full blue, blood moon. Did you see it? Ours looked like this



But First, Tequila