May Day Parade, a Vegetable Garden & Goodbye to Shadow

Pender Harbour puts on a May Day parade / festival every year and so we decided to take a drive over there a find out what it was all about. We got there just as the parade started, and the first to come along were the vintage cars. Here are just four of my favourites

and a few of the floats – Piped Band (love the bagpipes)

Lots of Pirates

Our May Day Queen, of course doing her best Queen’s wave

No parade is complete without the Star Wars crowd

and these Skaters – Tori wanted the skull for his bike helmet 😀

There were lots of stalls selling all kinds of things from locally-made jewelry and clothes, to essential oils and home-made soaps (I bought some lovely lavender-rosemary soap)

lots of fun for the kids

and a live band for the adults.

The following weekend we said a sad goodbye to Shadow

We didn’t have him for very long – he showed up on our patio last August looking very skinny and dirty and smelling really awful. We gave him water, food and a bath. Over the months, we treated him for diarrhea, but he was never really 100%. The vet estimated his age to be about 13, so he was likely abandoned when he got sick. He had a good life with us over the 10 months that we had him and made friends with little Willow.

and then one day he just stopped eating and lost a huge amount of weight in a very short space of time. Our vet couldn’t find anything wrong with him except for the fact that ‘his time had come.’ And so we made the decision to end his suffering.

A week later, this came in the mail from our Vet

It was such a lovely thing to do and meant so much to us.

We didn’t think we’d be able to have a vegetable garden this year because our Landlord, who’s building a cottage next door to us, is quite a bit behind schedule and the space where we were going to grow things is still occupied by a lean-to. But, as an experiment, I planted a store-bought butter lettuce (minus the leaves, of course) in a pot on our front deck, and I also planted some tomato slices that I’d seen demonstrated on FaceBook – to see the demonstration, click here. I don’t really believe much of what’s posted on FaceBook, so when they started to re-grow and sprout, I was elated:

The tomatoes – these have already been transplanted out – there were approximately 10 seedlings but, of course, I forgot to take a “before” photo

So, with renewed enthusiasm, we decided to build a smaller version of our original vegetable garden using things that we found around the yard to save some money.

We planted the seed potatoes that we bought a month or so ago (and forgot about), onions, beans, peas, tomatoes and broccoli. We also planted nasturtiums, mint and marigolds as companion plants to ward off colorado beetles and other such pests.

Here’s what it looks like now – just 3 short weeks later –


Lettuce planted in between the potatoes (this one was so successful that I planted two more store-bought lettuce. They already have little leaves on them



Peas and beans

Broccoli seedlings

lavender and mint

and a new tomato plant to replace the one that my cat dug up 😦

We also had this little visitor to our front yard a week ago

Cute as she is, I’m told that her favourite food is vegetables. Especially delicious are tomatoes. So we decided to build a fence to keep her, and others like her, out. Once again, we used materials that we already had or found around the place. We got halfway done yesterday before calling it a day

We also started a little compost heap and I’ve been putting kitchen scraps into this little container and adding it to the compost every few days

I’ve also been adding kitchen scraps to another container, putting it in my slow cooker along with some inexpensive (read cheap) cuts of meat and leftovers from the fridge, and feeding to our dogs as an alternative to goodness-knows-what’s-in store-bought dog food. They wolf it down every night so it must be delicious

Our weekly garbage has been reduced from 3 garbage bags a week to half a bag a week 🙂

Last Saturday saw us at the Blues Festival in Pender Harbour. Tori loves the Blues and it was a fun night out

Cheers for now

But First, Tequila