Summer Days and a New Adventure!

I’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather and walking around our area, exploring places I’ve never been to – so magical.

Things are changing here, once again. We’ve decided to move to Edmonton! There are a number of reasons for this, but the main reason was that we want to be close to our children and Neil, who all live there. Also, Vancouver, and BC as a whole, has become very expensive to live in. The basic necessities like housing, food and gas (petrol for my African and UK readers!) have become impossible to buy. A 2 bedroom apartment in Vancouver is now over $3,000 a month! As compared to a 3 bedroom house in Edmonton for $1,400 a month. Gas (petrol) is over 50c more per litre, and so on.

Tori was offered a good job there and has already gone ahead of me. He took a small load with him – you can see what the priorities are in this household – motor bike and tools first! Haha.

I will pack up the house, secure somewhere to live and move at the end of September.  I’m excited for the future. We will have way more avenues to sell our products, and room to store inventory.

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We’ve had a very quiet summer. Going to the lower mainland is very time-consuming and expensive, so we had to keep those visits to a minimum. So we just bummed around the Sunshine Coast, relaxing on a little private beach we found

and hanging out on our patio. Our two lucky cats – Maggie went missing for two weeks and showed up late one night meowing outside the bathroom window – skinny and ravenous!

and Willow, who was taken by a Coyote one Friday morning, managed to get away and make her way back home the next day! Apart from a little bruising, she was completely unharmed.

We went to a lovely Italian restaurant that we’d been meaning to try for a while now. The food was amazing and the view …

Our little garden flourished.  We harvested the garlic and dried it in our shed

and the tomatoes that we grew from slices covered with soil back in April, flourished and are starting to ripen.

We also got an abundance of Oregano and Thyme which are drying as we speak.

The Gladioli gave us a good show this year – last year only one flowered. This year all five!

and we got a second batch of strawberries which is a miracle considering it took two years to produce anything at all from this plant.

And as usual, my trusty old rose bush continues to provide beautiful and abundant pink roses

I also got round to a painting project I’ve been trying to find time for – our TV stand. This used to be a sort-of dull brownish grey. Of course, I can’t find the “before” photo now, but you can see the original colour in the photo below

Tori dipped the handles in the same dark blue paint that we used for the stool/end table project

and the finished product – much better!


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Back to packing …

But First, Tequila







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