And Off to Edmonton We Go!!

Hello all! Once again, I haven’t managed to post for a while. September was a very long month for me. It was first time Tori and I have been apart for that long and it was pretty brutal. It went on and on and on. But finally the day arrived for us to move. Tori drove back from Edmonton, picked up a U-Haul trailer on the way and we started loading. Even though we had downsized considerably in order to live comfortably in a 675 sq. foot space, we still underestimated how much stuff we had. There was quite a bit of tools and things in the shed. As a result, the truck bed was piled high with the things we couldn’t fit into the trailer. I must admit that we looked a little bit like the Clampetts! All that was missing was granny in the rocking chair!

We got up at 4 am on a Friday morning so we could catch the first ferry (6:20 am) off the Sunshine Coast. I had the 2 cats in a big dog crate in the back of my jeep. They both howled for about an hour or so, and then resigned themselves to the fact that they were stuck there for a while. Chewy simply curled up and went to sleep on the front seat.

When we got to Jasper a herd of Elk stopped the traffic in order to cross the road. This one was close enough to touch.

Shortly after that, it started snowing which is terrible for the eyes, but it didn’t last for very long, thank goodness.

By the time we arrived in Edmonton at approximately midnight, we were both exhausted. We were looking forward to pumping up our air mattress and getting some sleep. But alas! It was not to be. When we opened our front door we discovered two things:  1) it was freezing, and 2) it hadn’t been fully cleaned out from the last tenant!

After taking a look at the thermostat and then the furnace, we realized that the gas company had not turned on our heat, even though I had set it all up a couple of weeks prior so this very thing wouldn’t happen. I also noticed that all the windows were wide open! Much wailing and gnashing of teeth went on on my part until Tori reminded me that he has a lovely, brand new big truck sitting in a truck yard not five minutes from where we live, where we can spend the night in relative comfort and warmth. We left the cats on a couple of duvets in a bedroom in the house and took the dogs and ourselves to the truck.

Even though we were exhausted, I woke up 4 hours later eager to sort everything out and get on with the business of moving. After a lovely warm shower, some coffee and breakfast, I called the landlord and voiced my disappointment in how they left the house. He was very apologetic and made some excuse about being out of town and his workers not doing what they were supposed to do. He promised he would get people there right away – which he did. Looking at the house in the light of day, it wasn’t as bad as I had thought, except it looked like the ceiling fans had never been cleaned. Ever.

Still, that was an easy fix.

A couple of hours later, Alex arrived with Neil. He and Tori worked tirelessly to get everything offloaded, while I cleaned, put boxes in their respective rooms and looked after Neil. Neil just wanted to do what I was doing – he “cleaned” and unpacked and ate and cleaned and unpacked, all the while talking non-stop!

The gas company told me that they couldn’t turn the heating on until Monday. This seemed ridiculous to me, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. Alex put the word out on Reddit and a complete stranger came over and dropped off a couple of heaters for us to borrow until our gas got turned on! My faith in the human race was restored.

Later on Na-mee arrived and we ordered take out and sat at the dining room table to our first family meal in a long time.

The next day, Alex was back again to help Tori offload his tools and bike that had been in storage at Clare’s house since the beginning of September. That evening we sat on our deck in the sunshine and had a well-deserved couple of drinks.

And my rose bush, which was stuffed into the back seat of Tori’s truck, seemed to survive unscathed.

The house is mostly unpacked and semi set up. Willow seems to think that the empty boxes and my grocery bin is her bed

Now that we have double the space, we need another couch and some curtains. And nothing seems to match anymore, so I’ll be working on that shortly. The basement needs a little tlc which is a much bigger task and is being put off until I can find the motivation to tackle it.

I did, however, set up a little office in a sunny corner of the living room/dining area which I love. I can watch the sun rise from here when I have my coffee in the morning. We live in a very pretty and well-established neighbourhood and the neighbours that we’ve met seem very nice.

I also managed to hang a couple of pictures including the one that my school friend and partner in crime (don’t ask!) painted for me recently as a gift. This photo doesn’t do it justice, but it’s absolutely beautiful and I love it!

Last weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada. Na-mee’s parents were visiting from Vancouver and she and Alex invited us all for dinner. Unfortunately, Tori had to work, but we all made a side dish. I did the brussels sprouts

and the sweet potato pies

everyone brought something, and the kitchen was a flurry of activity getting everything done on time

Some things never change – the “kids” are still at the kids table 😀

After dinner we played a couple of games which was fun. All in all, it was a wonderful evening.

So glad we made this move.

Until next time …


But First, Tequila


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