Spring – Right on Time

HellOooo all. I hope you are all well. Isn’t that the most beautiful sunset ever? This photo was taken by a fellow Sunshine Coaster – just stunning.

Things are wonderful here on the Sunshine Coast although it’s been pretty busy these past few weeks with what seems like all work and no play. But the days are getting lighter and sunnier and so this weekend I’m going to “dust” off our deck and clean everything up in preparation for after work drinks, barbecue suppers and after dinner tea.

The garden is coming alive again with little crocuses poking their heads up all over the place

and primulas

And the daffodils and tulips are growing bigger by the day

Our garlic is really growing nicely and is now twice the size of when that photo was taken – about a week ago

To continue with “operation clean up” from the Fall, we bought some lovely pots for our front porch along with some little bunnies that I found, oddly enough, in the drug store

In a few weeks we’ll plant lovely shade flowers and herbs in here such as lemon grass, fuchsia, primula bulleyana, sweet woodruff, cascading lobelia, viola, double impatiens, and zinnia.

Until next time …


But First, Tequila

Dog Days of Summer, a Barbecue and Stunning Sun Sets

Dog Days of Summer

Summer is in full swing and it is hot, hot hot! Not that I’m complaining – this is my kind of weather.  I am, however, thankful now that we live in a forest surrounded (mostly) by trees that provide cooling shade from the hot sun. We have the best of both worlds – in the front we get full sun most of the day, and so our vegetable garden and sun-loving plants live there, and in the back, half of our patio is in shade and the other half is in the sun. So we can choose.

Speaking of vegetables – our temporary garden is thriving

and we have the beginning of peas and beans

To read more about our garden, click here.

We bought a humming bird feeder a couple of weeks ago and have two humming birds that drink from it almost constantly. Unfortunately, they move too fast and are too small for me to get a photo of them, but they are comical little birds and not afraid of us at all.  When we’re sitting outside in the evenings, they come right up to us and hover in the air, checking us out. I wish they ate mosquitoes instead of nectar!

Tori’s been taking the dogs to the beach most days this week so they can cool down. Tiki loves the water, but the little dog has to be coaxed a little bit. In the end, they’re happy to feel a bit cooler. We live in a holiday town, so it’s teeming with tourists at the moment, which makes life, er, interesting. One very large family drove their enormous motor home down the narrow road leading to Cooper’s Green beach and then couldn’t figure out how to turn it around to get back out again. This after taking, what seemed like endless, posed photos of every family member taking turns to sit on the same log. It was painful to watch.


Meanwhile, in Edmonton, little Neil is having a wonderful time at the park

Neil at the park

and the petting zoo

I can’t believe he’ll be 3 soon. I’ve booked my ticket to visit at the end of August – I can’t wait! We’ll be celebrating 4 birthdays and some family time. A bit of sad news – Alex and Na-mee are splitting up after 7 years. Sad, but part of life, I guess. I think it’s very stressful and difficult for a young couple to support a family these days and I think the pressure just became too much for them.

Last weekend saw us back in Vancouver at a barbecue. It was lovely to see all our friends again. There was much laughter and the Tequila was flowing. It seems everybody brings a bottle lately. Where it used to be one or two, it’s now four or five!

The next morning was not a good one for Tori, who seemed to consume the most tequila :D. After only 6 hours’ sleep, he had to get on his (very loud) bike, ride an hour to Horseshoe Bay and get on a ferry for 40 minutes.  It was very amusing to watch, to say the least.

All in all, he survived to live another week. After supper last night we sat on the beach with our drinks and watched the sun set over the water. It was very picturesque with small boats dotted around the bay and a lone sea gull scrounging for tidbits.

Paradise. I’m so grateful to have found this place.


But First, Tequila



Clearing The Garden, New Patio Furniture & a Relaxing Weekend

Tori started his heavy equipment course on March 5th and I didn’t see him for 2 weeks. The first week was ok – I managed to get on with some home organization and cleaning – but the second week it started to wear a bit thin. So, he came over on the ferry on Friday evening to spend the weekend with me.

We decided to make a start on our patio furniture and bought two adirondack chairs to go at the far end. In a couple of weeks, we’ll buy another two.

We also bought some potatoes and onions and blood meal to add to our growing collection of vegetable and herb seeds.

We spent a lovely afternoon cleaning up the yard a little and making a start on the space for our vegetable garden. Our landlord is building a cottage above us and storing some of the building materials in one of the sheds on our property (the one on the right in the picture below, which will then be torn down to make space for the sewage system). A couple of weeks ago, they dug up some of our driveway to put in some piping, and cut down one of the trees, so where we plan to have our vegetable and herb garden, water feature and fire pit, looked like this. A bit of a mess, yes?

So Tori decided to have a bonfire to at least make a start on getting rid of some of the old wood and junk in that space.


The back yard was a bit of a mess where I had thrown some branches from pruning the shrubs

Back yard

So I put them all into the pile bound for the bonfire, and cut some dead-looking brambles


to neaten it up a bit and make it more pleasing to the eye

Even Tiki came out to help

After all that hard work, we sat ourselves down with a beer in our new chairs and watched the fire burn for a bit.

We made quite a dent in that old wood and only have a small pile left.

After spending a couple of relaxing hours by the fire, we cleaned ourselves up and went out for dinner.

Things are starting to bloom slowly. Little purple flowers are opening on the Creeping Charlie

Soon, this will be a mass of blue on the ground. Also, little crocuses coming up all over the place

and the previous resident planted hundreds of bulbs everywhere

When they flower, this will be a beautiful field of pretty flowers.

This morning, we put the new chairs in their place on the patio

and took our dogs for a walk down to Cooper’s Green.

The Canadian Geese are back and seem to have chosen a tiny island to nest on. They were all swimming around noisily and chasing each other

Also saw two little Sandpipers foraging for food on the beach. So cute with their little red beaks.

All too soon it was over. Tori went back to the lower mainland and I got on with prepping my lunches for next week and finishing off my laundry. Next weekend I’ll be the one taking the ferry over the to mainland to see Neil and spend some time with our friends – I can’t wait!


But First, Tequila



September Stuff

Sunset at Sunshine Coast

Hello everyone. The above photo is the sunset at my new home! I’ve been trying to post in here for at least 3 weeks now, but something always gets in the way!

September was an exciting month. First of all, it was Neil’s 2nd birthday on the 12th. He had a party on the 16th, but we couldn’t be there, so we visited on the actual day. We gave him some little wooden trains from Ikea to add to the set he already has, and he just loved them.

Neil's 2nd birthday

He played with them for the rest of the evening. Alex and Namee made us a delicious dinner of Shepherd’s Pie and Corn. Corn is Neil’s favourite food.

On the 14th we moved to the Sunshine Coast. We loaded the moving truck the night before and left for the ferry first thing in the morning.



And then the fun began.  We moved approximately 1,100 sq. ft. of stuff into a 650 sq. ft. Yikes!

Cottage at Halfmoon Bay

moving boxes - new cottage

Looks a bit overwhelming, yes? Well, it was, and I remember saying things like “I hate this house” and “I’m too tired to do any more”, but that first day we set up a working kitchen

and the couch

cottage couch

and called it a day. I think there was vodka involved.

That evening after supper, we sat on the beach and watched the sun go down. That, alone, made it all worth it.

Halfmoon bay sunset

Over the next week or two we slowly got organized – the entryway

Cottage entry way

Living room

dining area

and bedroom

Cottage Bedroom

cottage bedroom2

 Finding little spaces for the things that used to live on the mantle in our old house

There was also Tori’s ‘man cave’, but it’s a work in progress 🙂

The cats settled in quite well after exploring everywhere

We finished off by tidying up the patio/deck – placing the little birdbath, angels and frog surrounded by the grasses we bought a couple of months ago

And moved the sun-loving plants to a sunny spot

and hung some other stuff

And then sat back and admired our handywork (this involved more vodka)

Once we were, er, refreshed, we took our dogs to Cooper’s Green – the beach across the road

Until next time ….

But First, Tequila