Furniture Upcycle (continued), Breakfast Bars and Snow!!

No Bake Blueberry-Lemon Snack Bars

It’s been unseasonably warm these past couple of months and while the rest of Canada was chiseling the ice of, well, everything, we we experiencing quite the opposite. However, all that ended last weekend when we woke up to this a couple of Sundays ago

So we stayed indoors that day and puttered around. I did some baking which I don’t do a lot of because, to be quite honest, I don’t like very much and, therefore, I’m not very good at. It’s too much of an exact science for me. My mother was the master baker in our house. But I’ve been trying for the longest time to find breakfast-type foods that Tori can pack to work with him. He doesn’t have access to a kitchen or microwave at work, so I needed to find something that he can eat on the job, so to speak. I found a lovely blog called Making Thyme for Health which was the answer to all my breakfast prayers, and made Morning Glory Breakfast Cookies (cookies for breakfast – yeah, baby!)

Morning Glory Breakfast cookies

and No-bake Blueberry Lemon Snack Bars

No Bake Blueberry-Lemon Snack Bars

Very yummy – the No-Bake Blueberry-Lemon Snack Bars also make a perfect after-supper treat. In fact, I ate most of them! To read more about our healthy-eating journey, click here.

Tori continued with our furniture upcycle/refresh project and finished one of the kitchen islands.

The green is a very bold colour for us, but I saw a similar kitchen in a magazine a few months ago and fell in love. The kitchen was completely white with lime green accents and the effect was incredible. Our plan is to paint the other kitchen island to match the first one, and then paint lime green on all the kitchen cupboard door and drawer knobs. Continuing the bold trend, I ordered a white (yes, white – yikes) slip covers for our living room love seat which used to be this blue/gray colour

It now looks like this and I’m beginning to wonder how I’m going to keep it that colour with the dogs and cat

You’ll also see the finished product of our end table that we painted blue and white from it’s original red colour. To refresh your memory on this, click here.

We still have a couple of things to complete – our TV stand. If you’ve been following these posts, you’ll remember that I painted one shelf to see if it would work out.

tv stand makeover

and our shoe stand, which used to be a book case. My kitchen letter project was delayed a little due to some kind of drill and/or bit problem (I must confess, I wasn’t really listening when Tori tried to explain it because I don’t really understand how it all works). When I suggested that he just bang some nails into them, the C and T broke, so we had to buy some more letters and paint them

But clever Tori figured it out and here’s the finished product


I LOVE it!

The snow is already melting and the days are getting lighter and warmer. This weekend we bought some new rugs for house and some stuff for the garden, so hopefully it won’t be too long before we can continue with Operation Clean Up.

Until next time …


But First, Tequila




January – The Nothing Month

Helloo lovely readers. I saw something on Facebook this morning which made me realize that January seems to be the only month that seems to go on and on and on. It read “It literally feels like January 74th.”  Nothing happens in January because we’re all tired out from the December festivities.

In past years, I’ve used January to declutter and give my house a deep clean, but this year it doesn’t really need it. I changed my cleaning strategy last year so I wouldn’t have to endure Saturday clean-a-thons which took away from enjoying my weekends. I mean, who wants to spend all of their days off cleaning? So, I’ve been cleaning a different area every day for 20 minutes (because, who wants to spend all their evenings cleaning?) and it’s been much easier to keep everything clean AND enjoy my days off.

Buuuut, we have been tackling some projects that we’ve been planning for some time, but haven’t actually got around to. Some of our furniture is in dire need of freshening up. What worked five years ago, or even two years ago, is not working now. I want more of a beach house look since we are now living in, well, a beach house.

This end table, for instance (yes, that little red one in the corner). The red has definitely run it’s course

and so, last weekend, I painted the bottom white and the top a lovely dark blue

upcycled end table-beach decor

In a day or two, I’ll paint the bottom part below the tape the same dark blue as the top. Pretty cool, huh? I love how fresh it now looks. Check back here in a week or two to see the finished product.

We also started on one of the two kitchen islands that we bought from Ikea about a year ago

Ikea kitchen island

We intend to paint to two colours – the first one being white – can you see a pattern emerging here?

Ikea hack - kitchen island

Hopefully we’ll get round to finishing it next week.

Nothing is escaping our paint brush! Our TV stand is going to get a white-washed look, but before I painted the whole thing and risked hating it later, I took out a shelf and experimented on it first, and I loveit! Check back here in a week or two for the finished product.

tv stand makeover

Winter hasn’t really visited us here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We’ve had the usual rain and it’s been bit foggy in parts

but the temperatures have been quite warm for this time of the year. My rose bush has been in full bloom up until a few days ago and we even had a whole bunch of new buds, which probably won’t flower now

The bulbs are starting to poke their heads through the soil also

We had a bit of break from the rain last weekend, so Tori took me into the mountains where we encountered some spectacular views. The road was 4-wheel drive only, but well worth it. The weather didn’t make for a very clear day, but the view was beautiful all the same. This is Sechelt from our first vantage point

and then a little further down the road, more stunning views

Shortly after that we came to a little bridge and a waterfall

Not sure what Tiki thought of it all. Judging by that look, she probably wanted to get out of the car

We kept going along the dirt road

and encountered signs to watch out for falling rocks. I wonder how much longer before this one falls – yikes!

And then more lovely waterfalls

Looking down over the other side at the water rushing downhill, I would not want to fall into that. This photo doesn’t do it justice, but there was some pretty strong-looking white water

and then we meandered along the forest road until we came out at the main road to Sechelt. On the way, we encountered one house in the middle of the forest. If we were in a fairy tale, it would have been the witche’s house in a clearing surrounded by trees. Creepy, yet fascinating.

All in all, it was a lovely drive, except for the huge potholes 🙂

On the Sunday night, we experienced a full blood moon and an eclipse of the moon. Apparently this happens only 3 times in 100 years. I’ve never seen this before and it was the most mystical thing I’ve ever experienced. This is a photo take by one of my neighbours.

And that’s all for January.


But First, Tequila